Texans have been heading to their nearby beaches ever since they were given the green light to do so. This weekend, however, will be a whole different thing: Galveston's Jeep Weekend is back — but officials are doing what they can to ensure it's nothing like last year's event. 

The annual event on Crystal Beach will bring together fans of ATVs, Jeeps, and big trucks starting tomorrow.

Last year's Jeep Weekend on the Bolivar Peninsula led to 600 police calls, one death, hundreds being arrested, and at least six injuries, as recapped by ABC13.

This year, city officials are attempting to avoid a repeat in history by cutting off vehicle access to six Galveston Island beaches.

Those include Sunny Beach, Hershey Beach, 13 Mile Road, 16 Mile Road, Salt Cedar, and San Luis Pass. 

While pedestrians are still allowed to enter, vehicles will not be in an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Limiting who can go to nearby shores may help to keep some people away.

During a commissioners meeting, Galveston County deputies announced they will ramp up available jail staff, patrol, medical units, and an extra 20-30 state troopers over the weekend. They'll be closing off traffic at select beaches.

Although the weather in and near Galveston isn't clear for the weekend, Commissioner Darrell Apffel is preparing for event attendees to disregard that entirely.

"We have to prepare as if it is a beautiful sunny 90-degree weekend, and that's what we're doing," said Apffel.

When it comes to Texas weather, you never know what you'll be getting.

Those coming out for Jeep Weekend are still encouraged to continue to practice social distancing measures.

This applies to those visiting nearby beaches, even the ones that aren't allowing vehicles for the weekend.