There's one restaurant in Houston that's pretty hard to miss, and not because of a flashing sign or world-renowned tacos. No, Potatoe Patch in Houston is taking a whole new approach to standing out in the Houston food scene by hurling hot bread rolls at their guests. 

However the tradition was born—and I'm assuming out of one heated moment by mistreated and undertipped waitor (respect, honestly)—it's a great one. Just raise your hand and don't be afraid to yell out for a fresh roll, and you'll be greeted very pleasantly. And no worries—the bread throwers wear plastic gloves. Sanitation! This isn't any ole' middle-school cafeteria rodeo now.

Potatoe Patch has been servin' up their self-proclaimed, world-famous, Fried Green Tomatoe and hurlin' rolls for over 30 years. And if your reflexes aren't sharp and you fall victim to the throw'd rolls, no worries—they serve loads of country-fried comfort foods.

You can stop by anytime for their breakfast, lunch, or dinner options. Expect everything from Black Angus New York Steak, gravy-covered Chicken Fried Steak, cheeseburgers, and like any good southern cafe—Blue Bell ice cream. Whatever kind of southern food tickles your peach, this place has it.

And if you're really seeking comfort, try out their Mac Attack, a bowl of four-cheese blend mac and cheese with grilled chicken and crispy bacon. Ah, yeah! 

You may have heard of the popular Lambert's Cafe in Missouri and Louisiana that has a swingin' reputation for also hurlin' bread rolls through their store. There aren't many other Throw'd Roll spots like it or near it, except for in the greatest city in the U.S., of course! And that's no surprise. We do have some pretty crazy eateries afterall.

So come all wide-recievers in training and enthusastic bread lovers to our very own Throw'd Rolls spot in Houston!

Potatoe Patch

Price: 💸 to 💸💸

Address: 2020 FM-1960 E. Houston, TX

Why you need to go: To experience the food fight you always wanted while enjoying some delicious Chicken Fried Steak.