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This Colorful 2-Story Outdoor Bar In Houston Is The Perfect Summer Hang Out Spot

A colorful cafe-slash-jungle in Houston is all about living in the present moment, and that's exactly the kind of mindset you'll need downing all the drinks you ordered simply because they looked pretty. Present Company Houston lacks nothing delicious, tropical, and eccentric.

This spot has a two-story patio bar with rainbow-colored furniture, dazzling hanging lights, and a wall coated in greenery and flowers. Oh, and there's a pool table.

The interior has comfy couches, quirky furniture, and neon lights that are so dreamy you'd take a photo even if they said "Car Wash." But, luckily, they don't. You get phrases like "It's not yesterday anymore..." that never let you forget where you are—in the present with Present Company.

For drinks, they serve unique and totally millennial concoctions like La Croix cocktails and spiced rum in coconut milk. Their happy hour lasts all day from Monday through Friday from open till 7 pm.

They even serve their Bloody Marys in actual tomato cans.

Then, for food—anything you could want! They have weekend brunch, pizza, breakfast tacos, salad, breakfast pizzas (what?), burgers, wings, and chicken tenders for all my fellow adults who still have a child's palette. All the food items remain under $15.

And if you're not sold yet, they even have 80s nights. They love to party and celebrate, so keep up with their Instagram to find specials and events.

If you're needing a Palm Springs fix this summer, good news. It came to you this time. Just grab your Coachella outfit (maybe tone it down a bit, though?) and kick back in this Houston jungle.

Present Company Houston

Price: 💸

Cuisine: American, Mexican, BBQ

Address: 1318 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Why you should go: They have any and every food or drink you could want, so grab your La Croix cocktail and pose.


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