There's An Enchanting Secret Garden In Houston With A Stunning Greenhouse Bar

A wonderland with mimosas.
There's An Enchanting Secret Garden In Houston With A Stunning Greenhouse Bar

If you grew up watching Disney movies, you might have dreamed of living in a fantastical world filled with nature and beautiful flowers everywhere. Sadly, the whole world isn't pulled straight from a Disney film, but there are definitely places that look pretty magical. One of these places is this adorable little bar tucked away in Downtown Houston and it looks like it was pulled straight from a princess movie.

The Secret Garden is one of the most unique and magical drinking experiences in Houston.

The bar area is inside a transformed greenhouse and is enclosed in a bunch of different greenery. Walking in to order your drink looks like you're walking into a tunnel in a forest!

The patio seating area is just as pretty and looks like an urban garden with old brick walls and ivy everywhere.

The Secret Garden is part of the Bravery Chef Hall, which is basically a modern, high-quality twist on a food hall.

The beautiful venue is the perfect date destination or girls'-day spot and since it opens early at 8:30 a.m., it acts as both a coffee and drink bar so you can grab whatever you're in the mood for, whether it be craft cocktails or a yummy espresso!

This isn't the only magical spot in Houston that you can explore. One place, the Centennial Gardens, looks like it came straight out of a colorful wonderland.

There are actually a lot of hidden gems like this garden throughout the big city and these 30 surreal places in Houston are also all must-sees.

Secret Garden 

Price: 💸💸

Address: 409 Travis St., Suite A, Houston, TX

Why you need to go: Because you get to live your Disney princess childhood dreams as an adult but with booze and caffeine.


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