Houston's Asiatown has some of the sweetest spots in the city, and the new Snowy Village is definitely a big reason why. Snowy Village serves up some fancy shaved Korean ice known as "Bingsu" that is big enough to share with your friends but good enough to make you want one all for yourself.

Just ask your friends questions like "thoughts on the afterlife?" and "what do you think is the best strategy for invading Area 51?" to keep them talking long enough that you can down the whole Bingsu all by yourself.

You can get your melty Korean ice topped with goodies like crushed Oreos, sweetened red beans, and all kinds of fruit. They even serve a mouthwatering espresso Bingsu.

Also on the menu are Taiyakis—Japanese fish-shaped pastries—stuffed with creamy ice cream, cheesecake, egg custard, sweetened red beans, or even Korean brisket and pizza toppings. They even have a flavor that tastes like fried Oreo (heart eyes!).

But don't overlook the toast options. They serve Injeolmi toast topped with almonds, and s'mores toast topped with roasted marshmallows.

You'll need something to wash down these sugary treats with, and what better than a sugary drink? Snowy Village offers yummy teas and drinks like the Dragon Blood and the Oreo plant drink.

They opened in late April, so they're still pretty new to the Asiatown scene, but they're already a favorite among Houstonians.

After you try this tasty spot and you're working off the calories by walking around Asiatown, don't forget to pop inside some of the other delicious dessert shops like the new Bubble Egg and Aqua S

Snowy Village

Price:  💸

Cuisine: Korean shaved ice and desserts

Address: 9600 Bellaire Blvd. Ste 103A, Houston, TX.

Why you need to go: To try the best Bingsu and Taiyaki in the city.