Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink Had The Most Inspiring Childhood In Texas

Sadie is absolutely incredible!
Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink Had The Most Inspiring Childhood In Texas

Many child stars get their start from being related to someone in the industry - whether it was from seeing their mom or dad act that piqued their interest or from them spending their days on set so that they were accustomed to those long, fun-filled days. Whatever the case may be, actress Sadie Sink was unlike most child stars and got her big start completely on her own. You've probably seen her in the wildly popular Stranger Things, especially now that the third season has finally aired!

This July 4th was filled with reasons to celebrate, not only because it was America's birthday, but because the newest season of Stranger Things was released on Netflix! Sadie Sink who plays Max had a role that arguably stole the entire show as El's closest confidant. Sorry, Mike! As exciting as all of this is, the true cherry on top is that Sadie is from none other than Brenham, Texas, right near Houston. 

Brenham, Texas is a small town near Houston with few things to do, so naturally, Sadie developed a love for High School Musical and spent her time reenacting scenes with her brother. According to Heightline, this may or may not have led to a huge crush on Zac Efron.

We understand, sis.

Sadie starred in Annie while living in Brenham, which piqued her interest in the acting world even more. She began to get into more on-screen acting and landed some small roles, including one where she worked alongside Woody Harrelson. In an interview with W, it was revealed she had gotten super close with Harrelson during filming - how cute! After a few small roles here and there, she landed her career-defining role of Max in Stranger Things.  

And now, she's off to play more and more incredible roles outside of Texas and across the country! Sadie will star as Haley in the horror film Eli this upcoming year, which is sure to be a hit and something every horror fanatic should plan on seeing.

Her family resided in the mid-Texas town beyond her rise to fame before eventually relocating to Jersey, and Sadie can be seen all around the world at this point. What's the saying again? Once a Texas girl, always a Texas girl.

The actress visited her hometown back in 2017 and made an appearance at Tegeler Toyota, which I'm sure her Brenham friends and family were extremely excited about!

Sadie, as well as the rest of the Stranger Things cast, have been nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for ‘Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series’ and the MTV Movie & TV Award for the ‘Best On-Screen Team.’ You can spot this Texas-raised actress taking yoga classes and visiting animals at The Gentle Barn according to her Insta feed!

And hopefully, one day soon Sadie will come back to Texas to reconnect with her roots and see all of her wild Texas fans!