There's something about eating in a unique setting that makes the meal in front of you even more mouthwatering than it would've been without it. When it comes to hot pot, that's nearly always the case, but finding where you can get your hands on delicious Taiwanese hot pot in Houston can be a bit difficult. Luckily for Houstonians, there's a restaurant nearby with not one, but two locations to choose from.

Tasty Point has locations in Houston and Katy to satisfy your hot pot cravings. It's considered a hot "spot," if you will.

There's a variety of appetizers, BBQ skewers, rice and noodles, desserts, and more to choose from.

Not to mention their many delicious drinks to wash your food down with, including alcohol.

There's an entirely separate menu for their many hot pot options, but whichever menu you order from their food is surprisingly affordable.

In fact, you can save even more by splitting your massive pots, and even bigger fries. But, it's understandable if you don't necessarily want to.

Just look below at how delicious it all looks.

Not only is the food from this restaurant delicious, but the atmosphere is just as incredible.

You'll be seated with artwork painted behind you of the delicious food right in front of you.

Get those cameras ready foodies, you don't want to miss out on the photo opportunities at this place.

The next time you're so hungry you could eat a horse, consider satisfying those cravings at Tasty Point.

You'll likely order enough food to fill you up and have some for the next day. The more leftovers, the better!

Tasty Point

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Taiwanese

Address: Multiple locations

Why You Need To Go: Whether your cravings for something out of the ordinary are big or small, this place will satisfy them!