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Texans Are Losing Hope Over J.J. Watt Getting Engaged Last Night

Some people are getting defensive over the defensive line.
Texans Are Losing Hope Over J.J. Watt Getting Engaged Last Night

We all know the Houston Texans got game. But J.J. Watt? He's still suprising us all. On Sunday night, the beloved defensive line for the Houston Texans announced his engagement via Twitter in a Bachelor-like style.

After being drafted by the Texans back in 2011, he became a fan favorite. In his first five seasons alone, he recieved the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award three times. Plus, he still holds the Texans' record for sacks and forced fumbles.

Alright, so who's the lucky girl? Better known than just "J.J. Watt's fiance," Kealia Ohai is notable all on her own. Ohai is an American soccer player who kicks it with the Houston Dash and has even made apperances on the United States women's national socceer team. And fun fact: former Texans linebacker Brian Cushing is Ohai's brother-in-law. Oh, what I'd give to watch that family Thanksgiving football match.

As impressive as she is, not everyone is handling the whole engagment thing super well. But they first started dating all the back in 2016, so you had time to prepare for this, people.

An oath of silence has even been drawn in desperate cases.

But some know the first step to healing is acceptance.

Some people are just super inconvienced by the whole thing.

With an engagment so impressive (C'mon, did you see the way the sun set behind that boat?!), some guys are feeling the pressure from the bar being set a little too high.

Looking ahead, this could be good. The future of American sports is in good hands with these two incredible athletes potentially multiplying.

But for now, Houston Texans fans are still hoping for their own ring from the "luckiest man in the world."

While most players are on off-season, J.J. Watt proves he's still in the game. And that's why we love him.