Lizzo has become a household name in a very short amount of time. One day she was close to giving up her dream of making music and the next she was blowing us all away with her inspirational lyrics. Now, she's nominated for countless awards, touring all over the U.S., and tweeting about her love for Houston girls. 

Same, Lizzo. 

The American singer, rapper, and actress got her start with music in none other than Houston, Texas. After some time of struggling to make it in the music industry, she gained mainstream success this year with her album Cuz I Love You. This iconic album was only her third studio one, and landed at number six on the Billboard 200.

With as popular of a star as Lizzo is, we're dying at the fact that she gave Houston girls a shoutout in one of her latest tweets. 

Fans from Texas are totally in love, and we don't blame them! We're hoping Lizzo's favorite Texas cities grow and we start to see even more mentioned on our Twitter feed.

Others are dying for a collab with other big Houston names such as Bey, Megan, and Normani. We're hoping this can be a thing and ASAP, tickets would sell out fast.

If you're in the Texas area and hoping to see Lizzo in concert this year, you're in luck. She'll be touring in Dallas on Oct. 5 and the next day she'll be in Austin for Austin City Limits! ACL is lucky enough to have her both weekends on Sunday, Oct. 6 and Sunday, Oct. 13.

Lizzo is all about confidence and empowerment, and while those things are hard for many people to achieve, she's truly the light at the end of the tunnel for most. Her music and the way she holds herself is exactly what young women needed to see in music, we couldn't be more blessed!

While she may not have been born in Texas, her love for the city of Houston is as present as ever. Catching her in concert is on everyone's to-do list this year, and we don't see the hype fading out anytime soon.