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You Can Visit This Stunning House Made Of Over 50,000 Beer Cans In Houston

Once again, Houston aritists prove to us that no hobby is too trivial, and this city will always appreciate it. The Beer Can House in Houston is an interactive art piece made up of more than 50,000 beer cans and it's ready to welcome you onto it's aluminium driveway for just $5.

Empty, shiny beer cans line the home, inside and out; some even hang down and generate magical music as you walk through the work of art.

Crafted by John Milkovisch in 1988, the house stands as a part of "The Orange Show," a collection of visionary art pieces on Washington Ave.

Milkovisch was known to be a prankster, and he was quite crafty. When he first laid his eyes on the canless house, he was bored with it. So he channeled his retired upholster skills, paired it with some imagination, and began construction on the beer house in 1968.

First things first, he covered front and back yard in metal pieces and rocks because he was "sick of mowing the lawn." Totally relatable. 

It took 18 years to completely cover the home in flattened cans that would twinkle in multicultured crystals the morning light.

While most people's retirements are filled with drinking beers, Milkowisch decided to save beer cans in his attic and garage for this project for over 17 years!

It was a pastime for Milkowisch, but also a way to leave his mark on the world. And that he surely did. It's a corner of Houston that demands the attention of all passersby.  

The Beer Can House is open on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 pm. And beginning June 15th, it will extend its opening times to Wednesday through Sunday from 12-5 pm.

The exhibit is ready to humble you on all your recycling and drinking habits.

Beer Can Houston 

Price: $5

Address: 222 Malone, Houston, TX 77007

Why you need to go: It's an incredible work of art like no other that took 18 years to complete!


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