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A Giant 4-Day Greek Festival Is Coming To Houston This May

The annual Houston Greek Fest is taking place next month.
A Giant 4-Day Greek Festival Is Coming To Houston This May

Few people have had the opportunity to travel to a truly magical place like Greece. Luckily for you, the Houston Greek Fest is making it's way to the Bayou City this May to give Texans a chance to experience everything that makes a place like Greece so amazing. It's the type of event that will have you buying plane tickets the next day!

Greek food is one of the many amazing aspects of visiting Greece. At the festival there is going to be everything from desserts to delicious gyros stuffed with all the meats and toppings you can imagine. While you're enjoying Greek cuisine, you'll be entertained by Greek music and amazing live dancers. There will also be plenty of beautiful shops so that you can take a piece, or many pieces of Greece home with you.

The Houston Greek Fest is a four-day-long event, kicking off on Thursday, May 16th from 4 pm to 9 pm. The next days on Friday and Saturday the fest will start at 11 am and go until 10 pm. And for the last day of the event on Sunday, May 19th it'll be held from 12 pm to 5 pm. The tickets start at $3 and go up depending on the package you want. With so many days to go, you'll surely be able to do everything you want and more at the fest. 

The Houston Greek Fest has been held for over 20 years now, and it comes to Houston annually. During the fest, you'll be able to tour the beautiful St. Basil, the Great Orthodox Church. It's a gem many don't know is so close to them, but is one of the big reasons the Greek Fest has chosen Houston as it's home. It was voted one of the most beautfiful churches in Houston by the Houston Press in 2011, and doesn't disappoint. 

The Houston Greek Fest will be located at 1100 Eldridge ParkwayHouston TX, 77077. For more information on tickets and pricing, you can visit the Houston Greek Fest website here to learn everything you need to know before it comes this May!

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