This Hidden Wonder In The Middle Of Houston Has The Best City Views And Great Purpose

It's open for late night views of the city too!
This Hidden Wonder In The Middle Of Houston Has The Best City Views And Great Purpose

A nice, sweat-inducing bike ride through the green beauty of Buffalo Bayou in Houston may take you right up to these architecturally perfect, gaping holes in the ground. This man-made structure is known as the Houston Police Officer's Memorial built as a beautiful recognition to Houston officers and their sacrifices.

Constructed back in 1990 by Jesus Bautista Moroles, the chiseled granite stands strong today in memoriam of those who lost their lives while on duty protecting this city.

The structure, standing in Buffalo Bayou Park is in form of 120’ by 120’ Greek cross with a pyramid in the middle.

As tempting as it is, they'll actually get pretty upset if you climb all over them to take a photo. And it's hard to argue with a police officer when you're sitting on top of a memorial that is supposed to honor police officers, so try to just keep the urge to jungle gym the monument to yourself.

The Houston skyline stands tall and proudly behind the monument, making it the best spot to admire the city.

Even during these stormy days, the Houston Police Officer's Memorial still looks as powerful as ever and reminds us of what we still have to be thankful for.

You can access this memorial through the park that is open every day from 6 am to 11 pm. So you can enjoy the different views from morning till dusk.

Nearby is Eleanor Tinsley Park, a popular spot for concerts, events, and hanging out. You're also just a short walk away from the underground Buffalo Bayou Cistern that you can tour!

Houston Police Officer's Memorial

Price: Free

Address: 2400 Memorial Dr., Houston, TX 77007

Why you need to go: To see some incredible architecture against the famous Houston skyline and learn about what it stands for.