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This Beautiful Free Garden In Houston Will Make You Feel Like You're In Japan

Half of your tranquility will come from the fact that it's free.

A little bit of meditation goes a long way when you live in the fourth largest city in the nation, and the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park is just the way to get some much needed peace.

Waterfalls, bridges, stunning cherry trees, Japanese Maples, stone paths, and lush botany encompass this little Houston hideaway. It's just one toe dip away from being a spa, honestly. But it's not a spa, so please don't get in the ponds. There are fish in there, you know? They don't need that. 

The conception of the Japanese Garden has a symbolic history. Back in 1912, 3,000 cherry trees were gifted to the US from the Mayor of Tokyo as an emblem of friendship and planted in D.C.

To celebrate this a little further (and because we might have had a little FOMO), 20 cherry trees were planted in the Houston Japanese Garden in 2012, exactly 100 years later.

This garden even features a teahouse and lots of hidden windy paths. To access this oasis, you'll need to enter through Pioneer Memorial obelisk. Be sure to check out the more detailed info and parking locations on their website.

The garden is currently open from 9 am to 6 pm through Halloween, and then starting November 1, it will close at 5 pm.

Your dog is welcome to come take a walk in the park with you, and there are plenty of other animals like turtles, birds, and ducks to meet too.

But why stop there? Hermann Park has loads of gorgeous gardens to check out, like the McGovern Centennial Gardens.

Japanese Garden at Hermann Park

Price: Free

Address: 6000 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030

Why you need to go: To do some meditation, reflection, and mind-cleansing at this stunning waterfall and Cherry Tree filled garden.