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You Can Relive Your Childhood At This Pop-Up LEGO Bar In Houston This Summer

You can now relive your childhood in the best way.

Who didn't play with Legos as a kid? They were a staple in everyone's childhood and are so popular that nowadays they even have video games and movies being made out of them! Now you can experience what it is like to live in a world of Legos at this traveling pop-up Lego Brick Bar that is coming to Houston this July 4th to 7th, according to the Houston Chronicle. Everything will be awesome at this incredible Lego wonderland. 

The first of its kind pop-up will consist of over 1 million Legos that are each individually assembled at each location the bar travels to. Everything will be built from actual Legos, making it a unique place that never turns out looking the same way twice! The bar will have tons of hand-assembled Lego sculptures, Lego-themed ball pit, Lego-inspired food and drinks, as well as an insane amount of Legos for guests to make their own Lego masterpieces.

The bar will have its own limited menu of tasty treats for guests to enjoy. They have their iconic colorful "Brick Burger" which is their take on a classic hamburger but completely reshaped to look like a colorful Lego brick. They will also have a menu of cocktails for guests to sip on while they build their Lego creations and take photos among the Instagrammable Lego sets.

There will be plenty of spots to chill and hang out among the incredible Lego sculptures and structures. There will also be a table made completely out of Legos where guests can play a fun game of Brick Pong! 

Tickets for the pop-up bar are not currently on sale for Houston yet, but you can pre-register for tickets on their website here. Tickets to enter the bar go for $25 per person and get you 90 minutes in the bar to hang out, build your masterpiece, and enjoy a tasty brick burger and cocktail.

The location of the pop-up Brick Bar has not been released yet, but the Houston Chronicle revealed that the bar will be in town from July 4th to 7th. The Lego bar serves alcohol, so everyone must be 21+ to enter. Anyone younger must be accompanied by a 21+ adult and will only get entry before 6 pm.

For more information and to pre-register for your tickets to the Brick Bar when it comes to Houston this July, you can visit their official website here!