It's been another problemantic and exhausting season of the Bachelorette. How totally rare and unexpected. Men drove Hannah to the brink of tears as she fearlessly put their petty behavior into check in this weeks episode. But Mike and Connor S remain—strongly representing Texas as unprovocative and confident.

And pretty much everyone is rooting for them.

Connor S., a 24 year old Investment Analyst from Dallas, definitely has that southern-boy charm. From the first episode, he swept Hannah off her feet. Despite challenges, he has always stayed true to his gentleman ways—even when his one-on-one date plans changed when Hannah was hospitalized.

He even brought Hannah flowers and soup in bed, and then left her little sticky notes to find for when she woke up...get you a man like that.

And then there's Mike, a 31 year old Portfolio Manager from San Antonio, who has stolen fan's hearts with his genuine smile. But in some ways, America has him friendzoned. As loved as he is, many fans believe he should wait on getting down on one knee and become the next Bachelor.

He's had a few hiccups with Luke P., but who hasn't? Through it all, he's proved his incessant loyalty and ability to come to the defense of others. Not a bad quality.

Looks like we have hope that Mike will be returned to this great state, or even proudly represent us in a whole new season.

Lessons we've learned so far from this season: Texan men are the best and Georgia has some slimey guys. Now that I think about it, we haven't really learned anything new!

But to be fair to Georgia—Texas did have Cam from Austin who was the clingy-pity-rose guy that quickly got eliminated. I guess every rose has its thorn.

May the best state man win.