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You Can Drink A Beer Among Ghosts At The Oldest Haunted Bar In Houston

An alcoholic drink is usually a nice thing to help calm your nerves after something spooky happens. Ideally, it would be best to already have a drink before anything scary happens. That's why haunted bars are a handy place to visit if you know you'll need something to chug after a ghost encounter. One of the oldest buildings left in Houston is a historic haunted bar that is the perfect place to visit if you need a strong drink and a good scare.

La Carafe in Downtown Houston is believed to be the oldest bar in Houston that was built in 1847. The small two-story brick building is sandwiched in between all the modern skyscrapers and looks straight off the set of a horror movie in the best possible way.

The brick building is so old, it's even listed on the National Register for Historic Places, which is an especially rare find in a concrete city like Houston.

However, the inside of the historic bar is where it really gets spooky! The spot has low lighting, a long wooden bar, and the drink options are dimly lit by climbing old wax candles that have slowly grown throughout the years to be a couple of feet tall.

The candles almost look like floating ghosts near the old cash register and help give off a "hauntingly" beautiful vibe.

With its historic status and interior full of eclectic antiques and trinkets, it's no surprise that many believe the bar is haunted.

As you stroll around the dimly lit property surrounded by the outdated furniture and other quirky antiques, you will probably agree that the bar still has lingering energies from those who once visited decades ago.

Helping add to people's beliefs that the bar is home to otherworldly entities, the old cash register is known to open on its own and glasses have been seen falling off the shelves. Creepy!

La Carafe is a really cool local "haunting" ground for people that want a chill place to drink and maybe even catch a ghost-sighting.

La Carafe

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Dive bar

Address: 813 Congress St., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: A haunted bar isn't an everyday find, especially one as old and as spooky as this one!

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