Sometimes a snack isn't just a snack, it's an experience that goes beyond anything you've ever tried before. However dreamlike it may be, finding perfection within the confines of everyday bar food can be tough, but look no further because we may have found the perfect, giant bar dish at Bhoeme Cafe & Wine Bar in Houston.

The bar serves up a towering pile of loaded fries that you simply just can't finish on your own. We've asked experts and it's impossible. The Vietnamese fries come served with a ton of toppings and additions that you can make to your liking.

On top of these crispy boys is hoisin sauce, which is an Asian dipping sauce based on red chilis and garlic. Also included are sriracha, garlic mayo, cilantro, and crushed peanuts. If you need a little extra something, go ahead and get a serving of roasted pork on top, just because. 

It's hard to believe they can fully customize your order, but Boheme also serves up the fries Bangkok style which consists of a family serving size of fries, covering in pork shoulder, with yellow curry mayo, and crushed sesame sticks. Is this real life?

Houston based foodies have been buzzing about this item lately and its' reputation is getting a blow-up of popularity. There's also a lot of cooler things about Boheme than just their french fries. With all the endless supply of monstrous foods around the state, it's time we started factoring fries into the equation. 

Some super solid seasonal items include their chicken & vegetable samosas, and chili chicken curry. They also just have a welcoming vibe and a patio. Make sure you bring some cash because they don't accept cards. 

Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Vietnamese Fries and Shareables

Address: 307 Fairview St, Houston, TX 77006

Why You Need To Go: These fries are so crazy, and the tastiness factor is completely off the charts. Plus, it's a super chill place to hang out in the middle of the city.