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You Can Eat The Craziest Burger Creations At This Houston Spot

It's Bob's Burgers meets Texas sizes.
This Houston Burger Spot Has The Craziest Burgers

One of the best running jokes on Bob's Burgers is the restaurant's sign that has different punny "burger of the day" creations. The seemingly random and wild burgers actually sound pretty yummy even though it's supposed to be a joke. There's a real-life Texas burger joint in Houston that has just as creative burger recipes but with massive portions!

Rodeo Goat in East Downtown Houston is a cool bar and burger spot with a huge outdoor patio that's whipping up the craziest burger recipes!

They have six locations in total, and all are in Texas so no matter where you are in the great state, you can get your massive burger and fries fix.

Some of the Houston location's specialty burgers are in homage to the city like the 281-330-8004 Burger, which comes with garlic mushrooms and a soy caramel glaze.

There's also the Marvin Zindler, which comes with huge slices of bacon, jalapenos, and fried onions, but don't worry, there's no slime in the ice machine.

On their Instagram, they regularly announce new and limited-time creations and some of their past ones have included chocolate frosting donut burgers, super tall double-stacked burgers, pretzel bun burgers, and a ton more, all of which come in their humongous portions.

Rodeo Goat also has a "Battle of the Burgers" which has rotating off-menu creations like the "Brie-yonce" and "Ring Toss" burger that go head-to-head to see what customers like more. Your burger order counts as one vote!

Besides massive burgers, they also have huge orders of loaded fries with toppings like cheese, chili, and jalapenos.

Anyone looking to overdose on the salty potato dish should definitely head here for the best time ever.

For dessert, and to help you wash all the food down, they have huge milkshakes you can dip on. This creates the classic meal trifecta of a burger, fries, and milkshake, but just Texas-sized with insane portions.

Rodeo Goat Houston

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: American

Address: 2105 Dallas St., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: It's a real-life Bob's Burgers with creative burgers, but with Texas-sized portions!

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