This Houston Tiki Bar Will Transport You To The Tropics With Crazy-Themed Drinks

You can sip on rum and pretend you're on a beach.
You Can Drink Crazy Drinks & Be Transported To The Tropics In This Houston Bar

Tropical vacations always sound amazing but can sadly get really expensive and hard to plan out. Summer's coming up soon and even if you can't take a trip to Hawaii, there's a tiki bar in the heart of Houston that'll feel like a mini-vacation with lots of booze.

Lei Low Bar in the Heights feels like you've completely left the hot and humid city and are instead stepping into a tropical tiki hut on a sandy beach.

The bar is completely decked out in tropical decor with everything from tiki head statues to chic peacock chairs. The walls are covered with pirate and tropical artwork and are lit up by pufferfish lamps. It all screams 'tacky tourist' in the best way possible.

The drinks definitely keep the tropical vibes going with themed cocktails. You can sip on delicious rum drinks out of everything from a coconut, a pineapple, a mini barrel, a tiki head, and even a shark.

Maybe it's because we're so far away from a tropical hot spot, but Houstonians really love tropical restaurants and tiki bars and Lei Low has been a local favorite for a long time for good reason!

Some of their more extravagant drinks are the Rum Barrel which comes garnished with pretty flowers and lit on fire, the Rummy Bear which is a big gummy bear-shaped glass filled with fruit juice and rum, and a rotation of drinks that come in a plastic shark!

Lei Low Bar often puts on different themed events and will post them in advance on their Instagram so you can keep up and know when the next event is.

Whether you already have a summer trip booked or not, you can never have too much of the tropics in your life and luckily if you're in Houston, you don't have to go far to get a yummy pina colada or rum punch!

Lei Low Bar

Price: 💸💸

Address: 6412 N Main St., Houston, TX 

Why you need to go: It's a mini tropical vacation in the city with a bunch of really creative, fruity drinks!


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