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This Insane Houston Spot Serves The Largest Drinks In Texas

The Turkey Leg Hut in Houston serves insane frozen drinks and mimosas.
This Insane Houston Spot Serves The Largest Drinks In Texas

Sometimes we all get a major craving for a nice, refreshing drink, and nothing will satisfy it like a gigantic mimosa filled with three bottles of champagne! At Houston hot spot The Turkey Leg Hut, you can get a mega mimosa, entire whiskey bottles full of frozens, and an array of the best and biggest drinks in Texas. For a novelty-sized, mouth-watering drink the size of your body, come on out and try one!

The Turkey Leg Hut is proud of its local fame for its incredible sea and soul food that they serve up all week for their crazy-hungry customers. After becoming a huge hot spot in Houston in 2015, the Turkey Leg Hut was famously known as the top restaurant for serving up the biggest and wildest foods. Once their giant food became a hit with the locals, they also wanted to be the best Texas spot known for making iconic, mind-boggling drinks. And so, the Mega Mimosa was born!

Their Mega Mimosa includes three entire bottles of champagne that go into a giant-sized cocktail glass; it's then topped with a delicious fruit juice, filled with loads of fresh sliced fruit, and infused with liquid nitrogen to give it the coolest appearance ever. The drink was made to share with three to four people, but we honestly won't judge if you try to conquer it alone. There is so much bubbly flavor and fruity goodness in this drink, you won't want to put it down!

There is no better way to enjoy a mimosa than by sipping one out of the biggest glasses in the city and alongside your booze-loving friends. Every day, the spot gets more and more visitors who are eager to try out the massive drinks, so you need to stop by before the line gets any longer!

They also serve up the most insane tasty frozen drinks. They fill up emptied whiskey bottles with their famous frozens and serve them up with tons of straws for sharing. Their deliciously blended frozens always hit the spot for anyone who's looking for a nice, big drink to kick back with and enjoy all evening.

Their giant frozens come in many flavors and glasses, including tropical ones in tall vase glasses and even one that is served in a hollowed-out watermelon! You can pick out your ideal size and flavor that matches exactly what you're craving when you arrive. 

Stop by on Sundays for the biggest mimosa in Texas, or for a massive frozen drink all weekend, and have the best time ever. Doors for their weekend brunch open at 11 a.m., so you definitely need to head there early to get your order in first for all of your friends or family to share the massive brunch specialty drink.

And don't forget to try some of their heavenly food while you're there!

Rather than just stopping by for the biggest drinks in Texas, you can also sit down and enjoy one of their massive, loaded turkey legs too! The Turkey Leg Hut gets their name from their giant stuffed turkey legs that they became famous for. One of these huge bad boys paired with a Mega Mimosa doesn't sound too bad to me!

Their giant stuffed turkey legs come in seven different styles, from their famous original slow-smoked leg to one that is piled high with mac n' cheese and crawfish. You can get a delicious stuffed leg for $10 to $28, depending on the one you choose. Now that is the definition of a good Texas meal. 

For the biggest and best meal of your life, you can head down to the famous Turkey Leg Hut located at 4830 Almeda Rd., Houston, TX. You can visit their official website for more information here!

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