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This Houston Foodie Joint Serves Up The Meltiest Pizza Cones

If you've ever wanted to eat a slice of pizza on the go but you didn't want to get your hands and steering wheel all greasy, there is a very viable option just around the corner. This mouthwatering restaurant in Houston serves pizza cones that will change your cheese-loving life. Come on over to Katy to try the best, meltiest pizza cones and tasty hot wings for the ultimate cheat meal.

Conny & Connor is the delightful eatery that serves up actual pizza cones that you can eat on the go. Though honestly, you might need to sit down when you take your first bite of the savory goodness.

At this spot you can grab a super savory, crispy, cone-shaped pizza crust, that is loaded with the classic ingredients you'd want in a normal 'za.

On top of that, they serve wings, salads, fries, drinks, and more. All of which are just as delicious as the pizza.

You can even decide on a combo that gets you all of that tasty goodness wrapped into one meal. It's heavenly!

The price of your meal will range depending on how much food you're getting. No matter what though, you'll be getting some serious bang for your buck.

A pizza cone, which you can't leave without trying, will cost you $4.99 to $5.98, depending on the toppings you're wanting.

Meatballs, chicken, pineapple, and ham are just some of the delectable options.

After one visit to Conny & Connor, you'll never want to go back to eating pizza the "normal" way.

Though, when it comes down to it, there's really no wrong way to eat pizza.

Conny & Connor

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Pizza

Address: Multiple locations

Why You Need To Go: To try a unique twist on one of our favorite classics. They offer delivery, so really there's no excuse not to try 'em out.

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