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You Can Get Chicken And Waffles On A Stick At This New Houston Hot Spot

It's the hottest spot in Houston. No pun intended. Okay, yes it was.
You Can Get Chicken And Waffles On A Stick At This New Houston Hot Spot

A new food truck popped up in Houston last Saturday, June 1, and our mouths are still watering. Mico's Hot Chicken offers glorious fried chicken (alone or paired with waffles) on San Jacinto Street.

The truck aims to bring that fiery spice-taste of Nashville to Houston, and they've done their research by travelling to all the best hot chicken spots in Nashville. So be prepared for the best tasting chicken in the USA! Mico's even offers "X-Hot" which is so hot that you actually have to sign a waiver and be at least 18.

The food truck offers fried chicken sandwhiches, chicken and waffles on a stick, tenders and fries, five fried chicken wings "challenge", chicken and waffles without the stick, "animal fries" loaded with chicken bits, and a chicken salad. Prices range from 7.99 to 14.99 per meal depending on what you order. And then after you eat your dinner waffle, you can order a dessert waffle loaded with ice cream for $4.99.

This new truck comes from the creators of Mico's Ice Cream truck, that served up fancy rolled ice cream in waffle-taco shells. If that hot spot is any indication of the success Mico's Hot Chicken will have, we're in for a treat. Mico's Ice Cream is currently closed until their storefront opens up.

While they had their grand opening already, the truck will not reopen until sometime this week. You can follow their Facebook page to keep updated.

The next opening date for Mico's Hot Chicken is scheduled for sometime this week. 

Mico's Hot Chicken

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Hot chicken and waffles

Address: 3803 San Jacinto St Houston, Texas.

Why you need to go: Its the closest thing you can get to Nashville hot chicken right now. And because you have a challenge to accept—the X-Hot. 


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