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You Can Go Stargazing At This Observatory Near Houston For Cheap

You can see all the way to Saturn.
This Observatory Near Houston Lets You Stargaze For Cheap

Laying outside on a blanket at night and staring up at the stars is a typical date we've seen in pretty much every rom-com ever. While that's a cute date idea, it's pretty much impossible to do in Houston because of all of the light and smog. However, not far from Houston there's an observatory that lets you stargaze. And not only that, but it takes stargazing to a whole other level of sci-fi awesomeness!

The George Observatory is not far outside of Houston and is such a cool date night idea. The Observatory has three domed telescopes that are so powerful, you can see Jupiter and even Saturn's rings close up!

With Valentine's Day being around the corner, heading to an observatory is a really unexpected and astronomy-loving date option.

The George Observatory isn't the only Texas option either because there's another Observatory not far from Marfa that hosts "star parties" which is a super cool guided tour of the constellations!

The George Observatory is open every Saturday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. It's located in Brazos Bend State Park so to get in, you have to pay $7.

Once you're in, the tickets for the telescopes are $10 and are only sold in person since the spot is so weather dependent.

The Observatory recommends waiting until around 5 p.m. to buy your tickets just to make sure it's not too cloudy or rainy.

If you want to make a really cool full-day date out of it, head to Brazos Park earlier in the day and to go hiking on their trails and maybe even spot a gator or two!

Either way, if it ends up being bad weather when you get there, it's still not a wasted trip because they also have a planetarium that makes you feel like you've been transported into space!

The George Observatory

Price: 💸

Address: 21901 FM 762 Rd., Needville, TX

Why you need to go: The Observatory takes basic stargazing up a level by also letting you see planets through a super fancy telescope!


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