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The Spooky Story Behind This Old Houston Hospital Is Straight From A Horror Movie

The creepy history goes back to the Civil War.
An Old Houston Hospital Has A Spooky History

Although it might not seem like it, the city of Houston actually has a varied and often spooky history. There are places scattered all around town that seem to have historic scary stories to tell. One of these places is an old hospital in Houston with a chilling backstory.  

With everything from haunted bars to haunted parks, the Houston area has a lot of eerie spots. But one place that might be the most haunted spot in the whole city is Jefferson Davis Hospital in Downtown Houston.

The building has had many different uses, and for long periods of time, has sat vacant and decrepit until it's current use as an artist loft space.

There's a lot of dark history surrounding the building. Jefferson Davis Hospital was built in 1925. The grounds that the hospital was built on just so happened to be an old 1840s cemetery where many Civil War soldiers were buried.

It's an old hospital built on an old burial ground, which is exactly how every horror movie starts.

The hospital, which was named after the Confederate president, ran as a public medical center for only until the end of the 1930s.

It was then used as a medical records storage facility, which was the first step in the building's slow decline into abandoned decrepitness for decades.

An old abandoned early 1900s hospital on an even older civil war cemetery? Sure, doesn't sound haunted at all. 

The building's most recent revival came about in 2005 as the Elder Street Artist Lofts, which as you can probably tell by the name, is a hip home for local artists.

While the massive red brick building with stately columns might now be a creative space for local artists, that doesn't mean the building's creepy history is gone. 

However decrepit and run down the building was before, in 2013, the building achieved Protected Landmark status and will likely never reach that level of abandoned decay again.

But just because the building doesn't look straight out of a horror movie anymore, doesn't mean that it's past isn't Hitchcock-level spooky.

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