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This Super Popular California Ice Cream Chain Is Officially Coming To Texas

The popular ice cream shop SomiSomi is coming to Texas.
This Super Popular California Ice Cream Chain Is Officially Coming To Texas

SomiSomi is set to open three new locations in Texas. The locations are set to open sometime in June or July of this year. The popular ice cream shop is set to open its door in Houston, Frisco and Sugarland. 

This is the shop's first time in Texas after gaining popularity around California. This store is known for personalizing the ice cream experience while adding Korean flavors into the mix.

One of the reasons the ice cream chain became so popular on the West Coast is because of the unique fish-shaped cone. Their soft sever is based on the popular South Korean treat Ah-Boong. 

The bright colors and toppings make the treat perfect for your next Instagram post while the fish cones and treats are too cute to pass up. Each cone can cost anywhere between $3 to $5. 

The way they personalized the experience for visitors is by allowing them to choose their ice cream, filling and toppings. Think Subway, but for ice cream. The brand also has an array of different flavors such as milk tea, black sesame and ube. 

Aside from ice cream, the locations also offer taiyaki, a fish-shaped cake usually filled with some type of custard.  Some of the more popular fillings include red bean, custard and Nutella. 

The first SomiSomi shop was set up in Koreatown in Los Angeles and has since expanded all over the United States. There are now locations all over California and even one in Hawaii.

The brand plans to keep expanding with no signs of slowing down. You can even become part of the franchise or request they open a SomiSomi in your city.  

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