You Can Own This Houston Shipping Container Tiny Home With Roof Porch For Only 30k

A tiny house can be the beginning of a great life.
This Tiny House For Sale In Texas Is A Unique Retreat For Just $30K

It seems like the tiny house living 'fever' is not going anywhere any time soon. If you are also getting the bug and cannot wait to move into your very own adorable mini paradise, we have some good news. If you are actively looking for a unique tiny house for sale in Texas, you should check out this one in Houston that even has an adorable roof porch.

This shipping container turned tiny house is called Rustic Retreat, and it's on the market for only $30K. 

The 20-foot indigo blue mini home is brand new and fully furnished.

You can use it as your main living space, but it is more than ready to feature as a bunkhouse, backyard retreat, or a hunting or fishing cabin.

You can even make this your weekend getaway retreat or the cutest rental ever

The Rustic Retreat is very functional and comfortable. It has a  convertible style sectional sofa that transitions into a full-sized bed, so your living room is also your bedroom.

Also, the home can accommodate up to three people because a flip-down style twin bed can be added.

The best part is all the extra space that the front and rooftop provide. It is almost an additional 200 sq. ft. 

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The cute small home has a nice kitchenette that comes standard with a mini-fridge, cabinets, and a deep farmhouse style sink. Also, you have a full bathroom with a stall style shower.

Backcountry Containers, the creators of this unit, said that it is treated with closed-cell spray foam, a material with excellent insulation properties.

The tiny house can have electricity, water supply, and plumbing provided by city-approved utility/drainage, or portable in the form of a generator, or water/residual waters tanks if you want to be on the go.

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For music lovers, the Rustic Retreat has a Bluetooth stereo system with both indoor and outdoor speakers. So there's nothing to worry about when having a party at your place.

Another great thing is that this shipping container home can be efficiently shipped throughout the country. 

You can check here all the details about the property. Don't forget to take a look at everything that is included in the sale price, and those few things you have to take care of yourself. 

[rebelmouse-image 25971608 photo_credit="20' Rustic Retreat Shipping Container | Tiny House Listings " expand=1 original_size="1200x814"]

20' Rustic Retreat Shipping Container

Price: $30,000

Address: Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: This cute tiny home in Houston is the perfect getaway home and has an adorable roof porch. 

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