Gators are pretty much living, breathing dinosaurs. If you take a step back and actually think about it, it's kind of crazy that they even exist and it's honestly a bit terrifying to think of them washing up in a flood. Being scared of getting eaten hasn't exactly kept us away from trying to snap a few photos of a group of gators chilling off the side of a trail at Brazos Bend State Park, a wildlife park near Houston.

The wildlife park is about an hour drive outside of the big city. It's totally worth the trip, the expansive park is home to over 250 gators that can get over six feet in length. Just please watch your step and don't get too close. 

You definitely have to be careful as you walk through the park which features a paved trail surrounded by several bodies of water. Despite the presence of massive wild animals, the park is a very safe environment, but don't worry, the gators pretty much stay out of the way but are known to make some epic sightings. 

Dogs are definitely welcome and if you scroll through their Instagram page, you will see that tons of dogs successfully make the journey with their pet parents across the 5,000-acre park. 

Parks like Brazos Bend are such an awesome treat for us living in Texas. We are too blessed that we have the opportunity to explore so many amazing local parks. With only a short car ride, you can be up close and personal with breathtaking wildlife. 

People come from all around when in the area to visit this unique park, and generally, everybody is respectful of the environment. Just a few tips before you head out: bring plenty of snacks and don't go into the water. 

Brazos Bend State Park

Price: FREE

Address: 21901 FM 762 Rd., Needville, TX 77461

Why You Need To Go: This gator filled park is a rare experience and a great place to a score some quality time outdoors on an easy trail.