Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander and supermodel Kate Upton are proud Houstonians, obviously. The New York Times recently asked the celeb couple what their favorite places to visit in the big city were. And to no surprise, Tiny Boxwoods in Houston topped the list.

Beloved Tiny Boxwoods is a Houston treasure with the best ambiance, brunch menu, patio, and all the ladies-who-brunch vibes.

They serve brunch Tuesday through Sunday, lunch Tuesday through Friday, dinner Tuesday through Saturday, and take the day off on Monday.

The brunch menu has all the favorites like avocado toast, honey butter croissants, fresh eggs, and chia seed pudding. Lunch is fresh salads and burgers. And of course, there's always cocktails galore.

And for dinner, when the lights get low and the candles come out, you can order favorites like Shrimp and Risotto, the Black and Blue (Verlander's order of choice), Wood Fired Pesto Salmon, pizzas, and the Lamb Burger.

Upton's favorite is the charcuterie board, the Southwestern salad, and the fish of the day.

As you wait for your food, there is a gorgeous garden in the back you can explore with fruit trees and endless rows of plants.

But arguably the best part of the Tiny Boxwoods is their dessert. Their famous chocolate chip cookies are so loved that there's an entire Tiny's located just to the cookies.

If you're craving those tasty treats, you can stop by the Tiny's Milk And Cookies stand on 3636 Rice Blvd—right around the corner from Tiny's No.5, their other Houston location. You can even buy the famous cookie dough there to make on your own time.

Austin is also blessed with a Tiny Boxwood's and a Tiny's Milk And Cookies—making it well-loved across the state, and not just by Justin and Kate!

If you want to secure your brunch or dinner date here, you can make a reservation on their website

Tiny Boxwoods

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: American

Why you should go: It's a right of passage for all Houstonians. There's amazing food with a lavish garden and seating.