Tiny homes are super in right now. Thanks to HGTV we somehow went from wanting to live in big mansions like the celebrities do, to being okay with a bedroom that connects to the kitchen, and also connects to the living room. Texas has taken note with Houston building their first ever tiny home neighborhood filled with the cutest homes.

This tiny home community is simply put as adorable. All of the houses are built almost identical, with a clean, white finishing and super shiny grass. Each one has its own personality too with a different colored door. But don't fall in love just yet. For a house that is only 600-800 square feet, you'll have to cough up around 250k.

Yes, you read that right. A home in this block is currently up for grabs at 800 square feet and listed at 249k. Is this truly big on value? Let's find out!

These homes feature just about everything you would need. The current listing at 150 Dumble Street is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath functional space. 

It is as modern as can be with an open floor living space filled with contemporary finishes and its very own patio. The bathroom includes a stand in shower and there's also plenty of windows to bring in natural light. The location isn't too shabby as well, if you're seriously considering this to be your next home.

Located not too far from downtown, you will be within a one mile radius to parks, restaurants and bars, and even the Metrorail.

Now some might say the price is absurd for such a small space, but for others this might just be the right move to start a family. Though it's a small space, you are still saving some moolah compared to how much homes in Houston cost. Saving is always great (ahem more vacations), so consider this tiny home community if your heart desires, and your checkbook allows.