Everyone eventually gets the urge to pack their bags and head out into the great outdoors for some much needed time among nature. However, not everyone is really into the idea of sleeping in a tent on the ground. This exciting line of tiny home cabin rentals coming near Houston is bringing glamourous camping for cheap so everyone can get outdoors. You'll get to experience time in nature while also having a bed and a toilet.

Getaway is a company that pops up across the country to set up their tiny home cabins in beautiful nature spots around major cities. 

The mini-cabin chain has two locations in Texas already, but anyone who lives here knows how massive the state is, making the other two locations still a bit of a drive from Houston.

Now, Getaway is opening a glamping site in Navasota, a short drive outside of Houston, making it excitingly accessible for Houstonians to enjoy a cheap and fun time out among the trees.

Getaway houses are known for their massive windows that allow guests to admire the outdoors from their room. Each room is so cozy, comfortable, and packed with everything you'll need for a weekend of winding down.

All cabins include one or more queen beds, AC and heat, a private bathroom with shower, and a two-burner stove with cooking ware.

Wanna take your meal outdoors? You can whip up some chili dogs on your own personal firepit grill and eat them on either a picnic table or in your relaxing sitting area.

The best amenity at Getaway is their integration into nature. Opt to turn your phone service off and disconnect from the internet while you spend a whole weekend gazing at the stars from the woods.

Right now, Getaway is offering a grand opening deal where you can book a room for only $99 a night! 

Otherwise, the rooms are still affordable at $99-249 depending on the dates, seasons, and availabilities.

Get ready to spend the perfect night out in the breathable forest air with your favorite person (or pup)!

Getaway Brazos Valley

Price Per Night: $99+

Address Or Neighbourhood: Navasota, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can escape the busyness of the city and opt for a weekend among nature. 

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.