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You Can Build-Your-Own Tiny Home For $3K With This Texan Company

Tiny living is the best kind of living.

It's always encouraged for Americans to become homeowners but buying a house isn't always achievable for everyone. For those with a budget or those who move across the country too much to really settle down, homeowning isn't always ideal. However, this affordable tiny home company in Houston offers the best prices on the cutest tiny homes that you can even build yourself!

Bet you never thought you could build your own house, but now you can with Arched Cabins from Cypress, Texas. They create a variety of tiny home plans for you to pick from.

Of course, you can opt to hire a team to help you set it up if building your own house isn't the most ideal for you. And with all of the (potentially hundreds of) thousands of dollars you'd be saving, hiring a temporary team of workers doesn't sound too bad.

Arched Cabins designs and manufactures awesome super budget-friendly, highly durable, and easy-to-build structures that you can choose to live in, use as storage space, make into a playhouse, use as a rental, or anything else really!

Their tiny home kits come in multiple sizes, from 8 ft wide to 30 ft wide and a variety of widths and heights. Every home has an iconic arched roof (hence the name Arched Cabins) and can be customized in color and shape to really make you feel at home.

Arched Cabins manufactures everything in Texas, but you can get your new home delivered to you anywhere across the nation with step-by-step build instructions.

Rather than having to wait months or even a year for your dream home or extra space to be completed, you could potentially get your cabin ready to go in 6 weeks!

Prices for these awesome small spaces start at only $1320 for their 8X8 sizes (which aren't really suitable for a home but for storage, steam rooms, restrooms, etc).

Once you get to their 12X12 sized homes, you get to the more comfortable living spaces! These houses can be turned into a studio with a kitchen and restroom started at only $2880. Prices will vary depending on delivery fees and upgrade options.

If you're more interested in their biggest size, the 30 ft Arched Cabin, you are still only looking at base prices of $13,500 to $18,000.

There are so many options and upgrades to take into account, you definitely need to check out their website ASAP and get to creating your very own tiny home!

Arched Cabins

Price: Starting at $1320

Address: Deliverable Across America

Description: These tiny houses can be used for a variety of uses, from living in them to using them as storage to making playhouses or guest houses. The prices are too hard to beat, making them a perfect option for those looking for an awesome house for an awesome price.

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