Houston is a city with a lot of pride for its famous natives. At the top of that list is Houston rapper, Travis Scott. The Texan entertainer is known for igniting fans in a frenzy at his concerts and live events. He's also known for the level of celebrity he brings to the table each and every time he makes a public appearance. 

So with that being said, legit stop whatever it is you are doing because Travis Scott is having a surprise appearance in one hour, this is not a joke, or a drill, get in your car now and plug in the following address. 

Narcity spoke with an official publicist who is representing the event. Sources are keeping quiet on why Scott is appearing but assured us we will know more very soon.

From 6-8 p.m. tonight, Scott will be in Northwest Houston in the parking lot of a store called Movie Exchange. Sources won't confirm why he is making this random appearance in an even more random location in Houston, but we know it's gonna be awesome. There are so many things to speculate, and all of them are exciting. Let's have some fun and think of a few. 

Maybe a pop-up store? Artists are known to have quick and unannounced pop-up shops all around the country. That's mainly reserved for NYC and LA, but Scott loves his city so this could be a possibility. Make the trip out to possibly get your hands on exclusive Travis Scott merch. 

Movie shopping with Kylie? Movie Exchange is a used movie store, which again is an insanely random place for Travis Scott to show up at a moment's notice. Maybe he and partner Kylie Jenner are just wanting to make their movie night public. 

An art installation? If anybody remembers Scott's incredible Astroworld Tour it was filled with huge sculptures and pop art pieces that you more than likely saw on Instagram. He could be trying to bring awareness to other areas of his hometown with a surprise art show/performance that will definitely bring a ton of foot traffic.

It's great when artists the level of Travis Scott can get people stoked to represent their hometown. This may just be a special event that people are talking about for the rest of the year. To get a good spot, you more than likely should have been camping out yesterday, but it's worth the trip because this is one time you truly don't want to come down with a case of FOMO. 

Travis Scott Pop-Up Event

Price: FREE

When: August 22 from 6-8 p.m.

Address: 11200 Northwest Fwy #300, Houston, TX 77092

Why You Need To Go: It's Travis Scott appearing at a surprise event. Anything can happen!