Travis Scott has been one of the most documented and innovative performers in recent years. With his crazy low-key mosh-pit music, him being friends with stars like Kanye, Drake, Migos and, of course, his love life with billionaire mogul Kylie Jenner, he is truly an iconic figure in the music industry. But we never got an honest look into Travis' life in Houston...until now! 

His Netflix documentary "Look Mom I Can Fly" dropped last night at midnight and it had us going crazy at the level of detail the Houston rapper revealed. Houstonians get ready to feel the love because he shows us how the culture here influenced all those bangers he keeps releasing. 

For a massive celebrity, Travis never forgot where he came from and his movie is an inspiring story that brings the audience closer than ever before. Props to Travis and his team because there's no way that it's easy to give your fans that kind of access — to show a side of himself that we've never seen before. 

People on Twitter are calling it one of the most inspiring documentaries they've ever seen. It's crazy to think that just a few years ago, the guy was performing for less than 30 people on a busted stage, and now he has over 25 million monthly Spotify listeners. 

No spoilers here, but get ready to delve into the mind of a budding legend as he chronicles his life as a dad to his daughter Stormi, see a sweeter side to an artist who seemingly has infinite energy.

"Look Mom I Can Fly" isn't just rainbows and butterflies, it's a chaotic story filled with Lamborghinis and parties and it gives you a glimpse of Travis' rockstar lifestyle. We love everything Travis is serving up to us fans these days! Also, be on the lookout for possible new merch and his latest song "Highest In The Room."

Fans are going to absolutely love this documentary! You can watch it now, so hurry up as we celebrate Houston's greatest party host.