Like any good university in any good city, the University of Houston is making strides to advance their tech status. And like any good student in any good city, the students can't stop complaining about it. This week, UH officially rolled out its Starship robot program that is bringing food to students all around campus with just the click of an app, WALL-E style.

Here's the situation—you're running late for classes. You were up studying hard last night for a big test this morning that you absolutely can not miss. You only have enough time to either put on clothes and brush your teeth or grab food on the way. The pressure of societal expectations drives you to do the former.

Now you're hungry and won't do well on your test because of it. But wait—you remember the new robot program your school has so implemented rolled out for students for times like these.

You hop on the app and order a nutritious breakfast to be delivered to your class when you arrive. You ace the test. All is well.

At least, that's how UH imagined it would go when they first rolled out the program. But turns out, students are already over the cuteness and have a whole lot of complaints.

UH is the first Texas university to offer these high tech food delivery robots.

There are 30 total robots buzzing throughout the university campus, at any given time. With no additional cost to the university, students are just charged a $1.99 delivery fee to make an order with the bots.

It can go up curbs, travel roads and sidewalks alike, and even perservere through the harsh ice and snow. Twitter user thiqra pointed out their annoyance with the new tiny robots with a photo set of the technology getting stuck bumping into each other on the sidewalk. 

But because it's a cruel, cruel world, some students and guests on the UH campus still don't accept the snack delivery robots as our equals yet.

For the robots sake, can we all just get along? They're just trying their best. And the stress is really starting to get to them.

Twitter user Sarah pointed out how people could eventually turn to stealing from the tiny campus robots, saying "what's stopping me from robbing the little food robots at UH."

More Tweets and hilarious replies can be found all over the internet and across the University of Houston's social media channels. Students including Twitter user Mariana are already getting tripped up by the robots and are seemingly sick of it.

But maybe people are just hangry. May we strive for more robot/human equality in 2020...