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University Of Houston Is Offering Free Online Classes

Being stuck at home can really make you realize how much we take being able to go out for granted. But we want to give a huge thank you to the internet for being our connection to the rest of the world, and for always being a solid way to pass the time, self-quarantine or not. If you're getting bored of scrolling through the same memes over and over and actually want to learn something new, the University of Houston is offering free online courses!

The University of Houston is about to start a new round of six free online classes in a wide variety of subjects.

A couple of the classes include more technical courses, like Powerful Tools For Teaching And Learning: Web 2.0 Tools

However, most of the other classes are a little less technical, and from a range of different random subjects; for example, A Brief History Of Human Spaceflight, Digital Storytelling, Russian, American Deaf Culture, and Math Behind Moneyball.

All of the courses are available for enrollment now and besides Web 2.0 Tools, which started on March 16, and Digital Storytelling, which starts on April 6, the other courses start today, March 20.

But don't worry, just because the classes technically already started, that doesn't mean you can't enroll!

The courses share the format of a regular college course. There's a syllabus, a bibliography, and you even receive a certificate when you complete the class.

The courses vary in length, but as the lectures are pre-recorded videos, you can watch on your own time.

Who says you can't be productive and learn something new out of the classroom? We can learn pretty much anything from anywhere (as long as there's WiFi, of course). 

Learning a new skill is a good way to spend a slow day at home, and way more productive than scrolling through your favorite meme accounts — although we guess that can be pretty educational too. 

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