Going on a road trip with your significant other and your dogs sounds like a dream come true, right? Right. Well, a viral Texas couple made their road trip dreams a reality and brought their two gorgeous dogs along with them. Thanks to their wanderlust and their willingness to share their adventures with the world, we have enough dog, travel, and cute couple content to last us for weeks, if not months. 

Isabelle Boone is the proud owner of a pitbull named Baloo, who she rescued from Aggieland Humane in College Station when she was a freshman in college.

Mickey Dylan, her boyfriend, has a dalmatian named Louie that he also got while in College Station. The two are a match made in heaven, and we're not just talking about the two humans.

Boone and Dylan took a nine-day road trip across the country with Baloo, Louie, and a camper van back in March. The trip started in Austin and took them all over Arizona and Utah. 

"We chose these locations because honestly, they're places we've both wanted to see all our lives," Boone told Narcity.

They checked places off their bucket list such as Saguaro National Park, Sedona, Cathedral Rock, The Devil's Bridge Trail, The Grand Canyon, and much more.

Thanks to the overall adorable dynamic between the four and the fact that Dylan is a pet photographer, the footage captured from their nine-day road trip has gone viral.


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The TikTok above shows off Dylan's pet photography skills before and during their trip with Baloo and Louie in front of the camera. The video now has over one million views and nearly half as many likes.

The success that Boone has seen come from sharing Baloo through social media is exactly what any dog mom of a "bully breed" could hope for.

"Baloo's accounts are able to reach millions of people and change minds daily," Boone shared with Narcity. "I love that I'm able to have the opportunity to portray these dogs in a positive light and allow millions of people to see that they are just pets, just like a golden retriever or a lab."

Here, the dogs are matching at one of the many rest areas the group stopped at during their trip.

They are arguably the cutest pups ever!

Thankfully, we can expect more content from the traveling couple and their two dogs again soon. 

You can follow their life journey on Baloo's various social media accounts from TikTok to Instagram.

"Once everything settles down again, we really want to do another van trip," said Boone. "As convenient as hotels are, nothing beats being able to take your home with you as you travel."