Two years have passed since our Astros won the World Series, and this year we are ready to take it back. You don't want to miss a single home run, do you? That's why we're letting you know that Minute Maid Park is hosting a free official Astros watch party for every away game during the World Series. The games will be streamed at our favorite juice box stadium on the big screen, so you can feel like you're watching them live. And did I mention it's free? 

The watch party starts at 5:00 PM on game day, and this is one party you do not want to be fashionably late to. Though the party is completely free, you have to get your vouchers at the door on the day of the game.

The vouchers are limited, so make sure you grab them in time. The first watch party is this Friday, October 25th, and we're going to give you permission to just go ahead and skip work to make sure you get those free vouchers before they're gone. This is the World Series y'all, we're not messing around!

This watch party will have live music, food trucks, photo booths and more. There might even be a special appearance from our mascot Orbit, who is out of this world. Too corny? Absolutely not. Orbit is the man! Or the alien. Whatever he may be.

There are many other bars that will be streaming the game in case you can't snag one of those free vouchers in time. Our favorite bar Axelrad will definitely be streaming the game, and they have hammocks to relax in. There's nothing like swinging around in a hammock watching the Astros swing their baseball bats to victory.

So get your Altuve jersey on and go root for the home team. Don't let Orbit down.

Official Astros Watch Party

Price: FREE

When: October 25 - 27

Address: 501 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77002

Why You Need To Go: You have to watch the Astros win the World Series!