The best and worst thing about Hong Kong is that they have the most delicious, insane desserts, but they are so far, far out of reach. Well, until now. A brand new Bubble Egg just popped up in Katy last month, joining the Chinatown location, and it's serving up the most dreamy sweets you can imagine.

And this summer, another location in the Heights is slated to open. The best part—Bubble Egg is exclusively in Houston. Take that, all my LA people with your picture-perfect acai bowls.

But we must give credit where delcious credit is due. The bubble waffle originates in Hong Kong, and it's essentially a super fluffly waffle made with an egg-based batter. And then whatever fillings and toppings you want are shoved inside.

The Bubble Egg's menu is vast—offering everything from sweet to savory dishes. Because I can't just choose one to highlight, here's all of what they offer:

From the sweet side of the menu, all $6.95:

  • Go Bananas
  • Bubble Oreo
  • Strawberry Good
  • Pistachio Lover (that's me!)
  • Blueberry Up
  • Pineapple Colada
  • Mango On The Rocks

Or, custom order it! Just choose a base, choose a filling, choose an ice cream, and then decide what you're gonna top off the sugar galore with. Boba? Kit Kat? Ranch Dressing? I mean, we're not ruling any options out here.

From the savory side of the menu, all $6.95:

  • Chicken Wing Waffle
  • Spicy Wing Waffle
  • Chicken & Waffle
  • Bacon & Cheese Waffle
  • Cheetos Cheese Dog Waffle

Not enough? Don't worry, they keep it coming. They also offer hot snacks (like chicken wings and cajun fries), signature fruit teas, ten coffee options, milk teas, speciality slushes, and mocktails.

They're even known to get super fancy on their favorite holidays.

Bubble Egg

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Sweet and savory bubble waffles

Address of newest location: Unit B17, 23119 Colonial Parkway, Katy, TX77449 

Why you need to go: I know you've never had bubble waffle before, and you need to. But if you have had one before, have you tried one stuffed with hot cheetos?