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You Can Play And Drink Beer With Baby Goats In Houston This Weekend

This event is gonna be—dare I say—the GOAT.
You Can Play And Drink Beer With Baby Goats In Houston This Weekend

It's not often that we're in an environment that finds falling on our face and randomly climbing trees and rooftops totally adorable. But this Saturday, the pros at not caring what people think (AKA baby goats) are coming to the Pearl Bar patio with Tipsy Goat Gathering to teach us how it's done.

Tiny, tipsy goats will be hopping around the patio from 5-9 pm, and you can play with them for just $20. That includes cuddle time, free food, and one pint of Eureka Heights beer. And of course, come ready to take some photos. There will also be a dressed-up baby goat ready to pose with you (poor little guy). The things domesticated animals do for us!

Goat Hill Pets will be providing the adorable goats for the event. And if you want to take one home, you can adopt one for a good $150 if they're a male and $200 if they're a female. Goat Hill Pets specializes in the Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf breeds of goats (i.e. the tiny cute ones) that only grow to be about 18 inches. You can see photos of the little guys who are up for adoption here.

And although it seems like an absurd animal for your house guests to get greeted by, they were actually one of the first animals to be domesticated. But just a note: they're really good at climbing things, so think that through before you officially commit to the adventure of owning one! 

You can even hand and bottle feed them (there is literally nothing cuter than a goat sucking on a baby bottle). Just don't tell your dog. They're not invited onto the patio until after 9 pm that evening.

Forget goat yoga! This Saturday, it's less about the uncomfortable stretches and shaky poses and more about the cuddles and goat kisses.

The event is on Saturday, June 1, at Pearl bar Houston located at 4216 Washington Ave, Houston, Texas 77007. You can get your tickets to see the baby goats now on the official Eventbrite page here!

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