Luka Magnotta Connected With His Victim Jun Lin Through A Kinky Craigslist Ad

The two met up on the evening of May 24, 2012.
How Did Luka Magnotta Meet Jun Lin?

After Netflix released a docu-series about the killer a few weeks ago, the world has become refamiliarized with the story of Luka Magnotta. What some people are still left wondering though, is how did Luka Magnotta meet Jun Lin?

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

In today's world, people are constantly connecting with strangers online via different dating apps and through social media, but when you meet up with that cute boy from Tinder, the last thing on your mind is getting murdered.

Although it doesn't happen all the time, there are some instances when creeps use the internet to stalk or lure in their victims, and that's exactly how Magnotta connected with the Chinese exchange student.

Back in 2012, the inspiration behind Don't F*ck with Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer posted an advertisement to Craigslist, looking for kinky sex and bondage with another man, according to Heavy.

Lin responded to the ad and met up with Magnotta at his apartment late on the evening of May 24. There's security footage of the two coming into the building, and this is the last recorded imagery of Lin alive, apart from Magnotta's horrendous home video of the murder.

In the video below, both men can be seen entering Magnotta's building. The footage that follows shows the Canadian killer depositing his victims remains in several different garbage bins.

During the trial for Lin's murder, an ex-boyfriend of the exchange student's testified that he had felt some pressure from his family to date a girl so that he could eventually settle down and get married.

Lin sent a text to his ex on the evening of May 24 to say good morning, as his former lover would've just been starting his day at this time. That was the last text that Lin ever sent.

Lin had moved to Canada back in 2010 to study computer science at Montreal's Concordia University. He was initially excited to be in a new country, but he also felt a lot of loneliness.

"That is what I remember about him — he was in computers, and he was looking for love," one of Lin's classmates, Alexandra Afanase told The Globe and Mail.

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