Justin Trudeau's Plane Travel Methods Have Been Called Out By Canadians

The PM was criticized for flying while promoting a carbon tax.
How Does Justin Trudeau Travel? Canadians Have Criticized His Plane Usage

Justin Trudeau has faced criticism from some Canadians for a number of reasons, including the SNC-Lavalin scandal, his trip to India, and, most recently, what some perceived as "creepy" behavior at Bianca Andreescu's Mississauga rally. One other point of criticism that some have, however, is the Prime Minister's mode of travel. So how does Justin Trudeau travel, and why do some Canadians have a problem with it? 

As recently as 2018, Justin Trudeau was travelling on RCAF 001, a 31-year-old plane reserved for the Prime Minister and their staff. Jean Chrétien apparently called it the "flying Taj Mahal." According to CBC News, before the plane received some upgrades in 2013, it didn't have internet or even a reliable phone. It did, however, still have ashtrays. So there's that, at least.

RCAF 001 has been famously unreliable, often experiencing technical issues during long bouts of travel. On Trudeau's trip to India, it had to stop in Rome after a mechanical malfunction. According to a 2016 Department of National Defence work plan, the plane is set to be replaced in 2026.

During the campaign, however, Justin Trudeau flies on an air Transat Boeing 737-800 that has been flying for 13 years. The plane, emblazoned with Trudeau's name and the Liberal Party's logo, met with criticism from Canadians on Twitter after Toronto Star reporter Tonda MacCharles tweeted a photo of it and wrote, "At some point there will be a contest to come up with the unofficial plane name, but in case you missed it, it’s TRUDEAU’s plane."

Some Canadians criticized the Prime Minister for leaving a large carbon footprint by flying. Others were just glad he wasn't using a taxpayer-funded aircraft.

Trudeau has already had plane troubles in this election season. The left wing of the plane sustained damage after a media bus attempted to drive under it and scraped the bottom. Still, this accident did not prevent Trudeau from making all of his scheduled campaign stops. 

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