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Instagram's Highest Paid Celebrities Were Revealed And Only 2 Canadians Made The List

You won't believe how much some celebs make for an Instagram post.
Instagram's Highest Paid Celebrities Were Revealed And Only 2 Canadians Made The List

Imagine going back in time about 20 years, and having to explain to people that in 2019, people are able to fully support themselves with a career as a social media influencer. People just like you and I make a ton of money, simply by working with brands and posting things to Instagram, but obviously with more followers comes more money! How much do celebrities make per Instagram post? The numbers will shock you.

Hopper HQ has released it's annual Instagram Rich List, which takes a look at approximately how much money celebrities are able to charge per Instagram post. As expected, the world's youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner topped the list. The amount she makes per post? Approximately $1.26 million, which is more than most of us will see in our lives.

Two Canadian celebrities also happened to make the top 10 of Hopper HQ's list. Coming in at number six is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who, with his 151 million followers, is qualified to charge roughly $882,000 per sponsored post on his IG.

The second Canadian on the list is none other than pop-star Justin Bieber. The singer is sitting at about 114 million followers, which allows him to charge a fee of $722,000 for an Instagram post.

Other major celebrities who made the list include Ariana Grande ($996,000 per post at 160 million followers), soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo ($975,000 per post at 176 million followers), and of course, Kim Kardashian ($910,000 per post at 144 million followers).

Selena Gomez, who once sat at the top of the Instagram Rich List is sitting at number five in 2019, making roughly $886,000 per post. Beyonce has also dropped two spots on the list since last year, moving from number five in 2018 to seven in 2019 at $785,000 a post.

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