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This New Survey Shows The True "Canadian Way" To Eat Mac & Cheese

It's National Mac and Cheese Day in Canada this weekend!

There are a lot of delicious foods, drinks and condiments that are synonymous with Canada; poutine, butter tarts, Tim Hortons coffee, maple syrup, to name a few. However, there is one, less-Canadian, food that strikes a chord with many of us. For no reason other than its hearty, comforting, creamy, deliciousness: macaroni and cheese. Yum!

For anybody who needs an excuse to get their chef’s apron on and dig around in the back of their cupboards to find a packet of easy mac & cheese, this Sunday is official National Mac and Cheese day in Canada, and, frankly, it would be rude not to celebrate.

However, in the run-up to this delightfully cheesy day, the President’s Choice (PC) brand have uncovered some pretty insightful information about the way Canadians consume mac and cheese, and some of the results are pretty weird!

The first thing that PC concluded in their study of  1,516 randomly selected Canadians, is that people do love mac and cheese, as more than 63% of Canadians have mac and cheese stocked in their home at any given time. In a perfect world, every home in Canada would be constantly, fully stocked with macaroni cheese, but hey, we can dream. 

If you are one of the 37% who do not have mac & cheese in your home, ready to go at any moment, you may want to take a long, hard look in the mirror, my friend. 

That said, you need not be too ashamed, as the next question asked by PC in their survey, really exposed the Canadian’s out there with serial-killer-like tendencies.

When asked how they eat their macaroni cheese, the nice, normal, respectable members of the Canadian population, which it turns out is 74%, said, of course, with a fork. However, the remaining 26% admitted they prefer to eat their creamy pasta with a spoon. A spoon! Unless it is strictly, absolutely, wholly, unavoidably necessary, you should not be eating mac & cheese with a spoon.  Come on, Canada. Come on.

Finally, PC asked their study group the age-old question, the question that is known to have divided nations and torn apart families, ‘to ketchup, or not to ketchup?’

According to President’s Choice, this question sparked a reaction in their study group, as 77% “passionately” declared that mac and cheese should not ever be subjected to the tomato-y sauce. While a slightly less confident 23% believe that the dish is best enjoyed with a splash of red.

Whether you’re a drown-it-in-ketchup type, or a murderous, spoon-wielding macaroni eater, we can all agree on one thing, National Mac and Cheese Day is a special day for us all. Enjoy a delicious bowl of macaroni this weekend. Go on, you deserve it.