Move over, Tiger King! A new true-crime docu-series has made its way onto Netflix, and after just hours of being available for streaming, it’s already leaving viewers feeling shocked. The show is called How to Fix a Drug Scandal, and you’ll want to add it to your list ASAP.

If you haven’t heard much about Netflix’s newest venture, the series closely examines Sonja Farak, a former star academic and high school football player who worked as a lab technician at Amherst lab. While at work, Farak was responsible for the narcotics for the majority of western Massachusetts’ criminal cases.

According to the Daily Beast, Farak struggled with depression, and eventually found herself sampling from the stash of drugs around her workplace. She started with small doses of liquid methamphetamine and eventually moved onto cocaine and crack, which she cooked herself at work.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal also follows the story of Annie Dookhan, who worked at Boston’s Hinton State Laboratory. The Daily Beast reports that Dookhan was a prized employee who was known for being four times as fast as many of her co-workers.

As time went on, it became clear that Dookhan’s rapid results weren’t due to her skill—she simply wasn’t testing any narcotics and was making up data on many of her assigned cases in order to upkeep her reputation.

Due to Farak’s thievery and Dookham’s dishonesty, the court had no choice but to question thousands of convictions that had been tampered with by the two lab technicians.

When the investigation on Farak and Dookham came to a close, the state of Massachusetts came to the conclusion that any trial which had involved either party had been compromised of integrity. Due to this, over 35,000 dismissals were handed out to those who may have been wrongfully convicted.

Those who have had a chance to watch the docu-series on Netflix have already taken to Twitter to rave about how interesting the story is.

“‘How to fix a drug scandal’ >>> Those Chemists were diff-er-ENT lol,” one person tweeted.

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You can check out the trailer for How to Fix a Drug Scandal below.