How To Log Out Of Vero And Delete Your Account

A step by step guide.
How To Log Out Of Vero And Delete Your Account

At this point most of you are familiar with 'Vero' the 'all-new' social media network that is sweeping the world. If you have not, here's all the info you need.

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Now, if you did create an account the moment you first heard about 'Vero' from your friends or from us, and now have many regrets about it and want to delete it but have no idea how to even log out or delete your 'Vero' account, here's how...

How To Log Out Of 'Vero'?

Step 1: Simply Go to Vero's dashboard and click 'Settings'.

Step 2: Click where your name is next to 'Account'.

Step 3: Finally swipe the 'Logout' switch over and then confirm.

How To Delete 'Vero'?

Step 1: You need to submit a request via Vero's website, here.

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