How To Tell If You've Found The One, Or It's Going To End Soon

Only some loves are meant to last.
How To Tell If You've Found The One, Or It's Going To End Soon

There's lots of different kinds of loves that most of us will come across in our lives. There's passionate, crazy loves that burn bright but fizzle out quickly, there's the selfish kind of love that leaves you exhausted at the end, and then there's the long-lasting unconditional love that you can only feel with that one person that's meant for you.

Sometimes when you're caught up in love, it's hard to see if it's really causing you more hurt than good or if it really is true love. We all know the saying 'blinded by love' and in most cases this is very true.

If you've been wondering whether the passion in your relationship means that you've found the one or if it's about to come to an end, read on!

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You've Found The One: If You Can Spend Time Apart To Be With Friends

It's really important in a relationship to be able to spend time apart. If you don't have a compelling need to be around your partner 24/7 and you're able to spend time with your friends, that's a good sign that your relationship will last. Friendships are also very important to maintain so if you and your partner both understand this, you're on the right track.

It's Going To End Soon: If Your Values Don't Line Up

Everyone has their own set of values when it comes to family, money, religion, etc. Some people are attracted to each other because they're both so opposite, but if your core values aren't the same then it's going to be pretty tough to keep the relationship going long-term. Eventually those issues will come up and you'll have to deal with them.

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You've Found The One: If You Can Be Upfront When Something Is Bothering You

The best way to avoid getting into huge blowout fights is to speak up if something is bothering you. Give yourself a night to sleep on it and if it still bothers you in the morning talk to your partner about it. If you can do this there's a very good chance you and your S/O will last a long time together!

It's Going To End Soon: If Every Small Disagreement Turns Into A Blowout Fight

Conflict is a healthy part of every relationship, but if you handle it by being destructive, like yelling, screaming, or calling your partner names, then you're relationship might be ending soon. There's no point in continuing to hurt each other if there's no constructive way to work through your issues.

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You've Found The One: If You Know How To Cheer Each Other Up

If you and your partner know each other well enough that on those days where nothing seemed to go right, you can count on them to know exactly how to cheer you up, that's a great sign that things will last. Whether this means getting you a big order of McDonald's for dinner, opening your favourite bottle of wine, or even just give you a hug, whatever it is that cheers you up, your partner will know what it is.

It's Going To End Soon: You Don't Look Forward To Seeing Them

If your partner avoids coming home at night for as long as possible, or if they're constantly late or cancelling plans, it could be a sign that they are passively breaking up with you. People tend to avoid things that they don't want to deal with, so by avoiding you it could be their way of beginning the breakup process.

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You've Found The One: If They Know Your Drink Orders

This is a simple little thing, but it really goes a long way when you're in a relationship. If you can show up to a coffee shop and they've already got your coffee or a restaurant with your favourite drink waiting for you, ordered just the way you like it, that's a great sign that you'll last long-term. It's the little things that make the biggest impact sometimes.

It's Going To End Soon: If You Ignored A Deal Breaker At The Beginning

If you noticed something at the beginning of the relationship that you knew should have been a deal breaker, but you let it slide because you were so into them, chances are this is going to come back up again later. They're called deal breakers for a reason, so if you notice a major one you definitely shouldn't ignore it because you'll have to deal with it eventually.

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You've Found The One: If They're The First Person You Want To Call When Anything Good Or Bad Happens

Whether you nailed your interview, had an amazing day at work, or lost a close family member, the first person you want to call is them. They're the one you want to celebrate good news with or that will help you deal with difficult emotions and they always give you the best advice.

It's Going To End Soon: If Your Ideas For The Future Look Very Different

Maybe you've always dreamed of moving to Europe to work at your ideal job and they've always dreamed of settling down in their home town to start a family. These different ideas for the future will eventually come up and you'll either have to make compromises or end it. It's always hard to decide between your partner and your dreams for the future.

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You've Found The One: If They Make You Want To Be A Better Person

It sounds super cheesy, but it's true. If your partner not only accepts you for who you are, but also pushes you to be a better person, you've found the one. You want a partner that brings out the best in you and you for them!

It's Going To End Soon: If You Don't Trust Each Other

Everyone knows how important trust is in a relationship. It comes up in so many situations and if you don't have it it can cause some big problems. If you feel the need to check your partner's phone to see if they're texting someone else or don't believe them when they said they were working late, it's eventually going to end badly.

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You've Found The One: If Your Friends And Family Approve

Obviously this isn't the most important thing since tons of relationships can succeed if your friends and family don't approve. But if you have very supportive family and friends, then their approval should mean a lot. If they see how happy you are in the relationship there's no reason they shouldn't support you.

It's Going To End Soon: If One Of You Is Trying More Than The Other

Relationships work best when the two of you change and grow together. So if one is trying to change and grow into a better version of themselves, but the other isn't that's a big sign that there's a problem. Especially if one person is trying to make/save the relationship and the other isn't.

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You've Found The One: If Doing Literally Anything Together Is Fun

You don't have to go on extravagant trips, to fancy restaurants or out to bars every weekend to have a good time together. Just hanging out at home, going to the supermarket or ordering takeout can be a fun adventure for you guys. As long as you're together you're going to have fun!

It's Going To End Soon: If You Can't Have Uncomfortable Conversations

Communication is just as important as trust in a relationship. If you can't talk about the important things in life, which are usually the most uncomfortable things, your relationship probably isn't working. No one really wants to discuss problems with money, their sex lives, or family problems, but if you can't talk about with your partner what's the point of being with them?

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You've Found The One: You Feel Completely Comfortable With Them

Once you have no fear of being completely and utterly yourself in front of them, you've got something good going. If you're not afraid of being around them when you're hungover and haven't showered in 3 days, and they still want to cuddle, you've probably found the one.

It's Going To End Soon: If You're Not Sexually Compatible

Sexual compatibility is super important in a relationship. If you can make everything else work except your sex life and your sexual needs just don't match up, chances are you're not going to be able to make it work in the long-run.

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You've Found The One: If You Just Know 

This is totally a cliche thing to say but it's true. If you just know that they're the right one for you, they probably are. Sometimes it's as simple as that! Once you've found that person that makes you feel truly happy, you'll hold onto them because they're the one for you. 

It's Going To End Soon: One Of You Isn't Ready To Take The Next Step 

You can't know exactly where you both want to end up in a relationship right away, but eventually you'll have to have the conversation of where you both want to be in the future. You'll have to take steps to get there and if one person is hesitant or resists taking the next step in your relationship, it's a big sign that it's not working.