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Hudson’s Bay Is Celebrating 350 Years With Limited-Edition Collaborations Throughout 2020

The second of every month is for stripes.
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Canada is synonymous with many national symbols, from the maple leaf to the beaver to an iconic combination of four striped colours: green, red, yellow, and blue. On May 2, 1670, Hudson's Bay Company was founded, ultimately influencing the boundaries of the nation that we call home today.

This year, the company is marking its 350th anniversary as the oldest company in North America. To celebrate, Hudson's Bay is releasing limited-edition collector's items on the second of every month!

During the fur trade, a "made beaver" pelt was the currency used to acquire a Hudson's Bay Point Blanket — an essential and popular trading commodity. Traders and trappers bartered pelts for blankets and other supplies. What are the "points" in a point blanket? Visible, threaded stitches (the thin, black lines) on the corner of the blanket that indicate its finished size, with four points being small-double and eight points being large-king. 

The HBC Stripes have gone through many design phases: from the thick, bold multicoloured stripes we all recognize today, to tartan patterns featuring the classic colours, to polka dots, to thin stripes, to a minimalist two-stripe design. 

[rebelmouse-image 25971922 alt="01858-BAY" photo_credit="Hudson's Bay" expand=1 original_size="1595x1339"]

This month, soft wool and bold minimalism come together in a perfect union of design and utility, a re-issue of HBC's 1920s point blanket. This timeless piece will keep you warm and in fashion! Calling back to the days of old, HBC is introducing a series of limited-edition blankets, one of which is the Camel Point Blanket and Caribou Throw, a classic camel throw meets iconic stripe. This is the beige we want, and Hudson's Bay is giving it to us! Need a pop of colour? They thought of you, too, with the Sky Blue Point Blanket and Caribou Throw.

The stripes don't end there. The ultimate level of cozy can be found in HBC Stripe loungewear for you, your bestie, and your dog. We can already see the Canadiana-themed Instagram shoot now: matching onesies, a point blanket, and of course, a striped mug!

Hudson's Bay is continuing the celebrations this month by partnering with another iconic Canadian company, B Yoga. The two companies are amping up your 2020 wellness game with a curated collection of yoga, wellness, and mindfulness essentials adorned with the traditional HBC stripes you know and love.

B Yoga is the maker of the eco-friendly, extra grippy, and ultra-durable yoga mat of your dreams. With a focus on making yogi bliss accessible to all levels of bend and stretch, this female-led company serves up more than just yoga mats. From props and apparel to cushions and home decor, a collaboration with Hudson's Bay is exactly the kind of limited-edition partnership we all need. 

The HBC x B Yoga collection features mats, eye masks, towels, yoga blankets, and more with a contemporary take on the signature stripes. We can just envision the yoga blanket draped casually across our mid-century modern sofa, can you? Watch out for other partnerships with Sesame Street, Armor Lux, and others in the coming months!

The Hudson's Bay Company's 350th Anniversary Collection

What: Iconic stripes and point blankets celebrating Hudson's Bay.

Price: HBC x B Yoga Collection from $40, Loungewear from $55, and Point Blankets from $450.

When: New pieces drop the second of every month.

Where: Online and in store.

Why You Need It: HBC Stripes are quintessentially Canadian! 

Head to the Hudson's Bay official website or your local store to check out the collaborations and limited-edition blankets. Stay in the loop on new drops by following them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram!