One Of The Humboldt Broncos' Dads Asked Jess Allen & CTV "How Dare You?"

He's accused them of "spreading assumptions on a national scope."
Humboldt Bronco's Dad Asks Jess Allen "How Dare You?"
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Earlier this week, one of The Social hosts upset hockey-lovers across Canada when she referred to hockey players as “white boys who weren’t ... very nice” and “bullies.” After facing calls to be fired from CTV, and after being heavily criticized on social media, Jess Allen has now been called out by a Humboldt Broncos Dad, who’s asking her and CTV, “HOW DARE YOU?”

During Tuesday's The Social, which is a CTV show, Allen reacted to the firing of Don Cherry by saying she doesn't "worship at the altar of hockey" and found in her experience that those who do "all tended to be white boys who weren't, let's say, very nice," going on to call them “bullies.”

The family of one of the victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash has now spoken out on Twitter about the comments that were made. 

Responding to the tv host, Toby Boulet, the father of Logan Boulet, tweeted, "HOW DARE YOU! You do not know my son or the other sons on the Bronco bus. You are spreading assumptions on a National scope based upon YOUR personal experience. Do better CTV!"

Tom Straschnitzki, the father of crash survivor Ryan Straschnitzki, also took to Twitter to say he would not be accepting any further interview requests from CTV News, until disciplinary action was taken against Allen.

In a statement on Thursday, CTV responded to calls to fire The Social cast member, explaining, “We’ve been touched by the stories we’ve heard from Canadians everywhere, including families from Humboldt, about what the game means to them. That matters to us.”

The network went on, “We would like to apologize to everyone who was offended by the remarks, and let you know your feedback sparked much debate and introspection at The Social and CTV.”

Adding, “We won’t restrict our hosts from offering their opinions on an opinion show, but we’ll always listen to viewers when they offer theirs.”

While #FireJessAllen has been trending on Twitter all week, #BoycottCTV has also recently started trending, as of Thursday night.

While Allen did issue an official apology for her comments on Thursday night, it seems that many are still very unhappy with the television host.

She wrote, "... I offended many people. Not just our viewers, but parents, children, coaches, volunteers and hockey families everywhere. To you I apologize.”

She concluded, "I still can't apologize to the very specific hockey players I was referring to on Tuesday."

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