In a Saskatchewan courtroom this morning, the Humboldt Broncos truck driver was officially sentenced to eight years in prison. This comes almost one year after the crash which killed 16 members of a junior hockey team and injured 13 others when the bus they were on was hit by a transport truck. 

The driver of that truck was Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, who it was discovered failed to stop at a stop sign, causing the deadly crash. He will now be behind bars for eight years. Earlier this year, Sidhu pleaded guilty to all 16 counts of dangerous driving causing death and 13 counts of dangerous driving causing injury. 

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Since entering that plea, the case has been undergoing a lengthy sentencing process with the families of the victims reading victim impact statements before the judge. Today, that long sentencing and the case as a whole has officially come to a close as the sentence was handed down to Sidhu.

In giving her verdict, Justice Inez Cardinal said that the crash was completely avoidable had Sidhu been paying attention. She also factored in that he admitted his guilt, and that he wasn't experienced in driving. After considering everything, she said that a significant sentence is warranted. 

Sidhu is sentenced to 8 yrs.@CTVNews

March 22, 2019

Justice Inez Cardinal says a significant sentence is warranted. @CTVNews

March 22, 2019

Prior to this sentence being handed down, many had previously expressed that a strong sentence should be imposed to send a message about dangerous driving in Canada.

Nonetheless, many others have previously expressed that no matter the sentence, it won't bring back the 16 victims who died. This sentiment was echoed by the judge as well who said that we can't turn back time on this case.  

On top of that, this sentence for Sidhu is also less than the crown had originally asked for. They were calling for Sidhu to serve 10 years in prison for this tragic crime. 

The maximum sentence for dangerous driving causing death is 14 years in prison, but Sidhu is serving just over half of that time. 

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Jaskirat Singh Sidhu is 30 years old. This means he will be 38 by the time he is released.