In North Carolina, you know once the warm weather comes around, the hummingbirds aren't too far behind. You might have seen a few on your fence or in your backyard, and you can bet more are on their way. It's hummingbird season in North Carolina and getting the feeders ready is on many residents' agendas.

Thousands of Ruby-Throated hummingbirds are migrating to the state of North Carolina. This happens around mid-March to early April single year.

Hummingbirds usually travel south to Mexico and Central America during the winter because they're not fans of the cold. You can start seeing them come back up north to breed as early as February every year. 

Hummingbirds can fly up to 23 miles a day, so by the time they hit the Tar Heel State, they're probably exhausted. 

In order for them to have enough energy to continue their migration, they depend on feeders to get them by. 

To help out these beautiful birds, you can actually make your own hummingbird nectar to lure them into your backyard.

All you need is one cup of white cane sugar and three or four cups of spring water. You can purchase a feeder online or in your local pet store. 

During this uneasy time in our nation, seeing these hummingbirds could bring some happiness and excitement into your day.

Native American's believed that tiny birds bring love and good luck to a person's life (so North Carolinians must be pretty lucky people). 

There are over 300 species of hummingbirds, however only about 12 to 15 migrate through the US, even fewer make it all the way to Canada.

With these odds, you're bound to see quite a few varieties for your potential bird watching photo collection. 

With the beginning of April coming soon, you'll want to go ahead and set out your feeder and get ready for the birds to flock.